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Hello friends, long time no see!! I'm just going to keep it real with y'all, my team & I have been working hard on a project and the blog kind of fell to the wayside. But we're back just in time to ring in the new year with (drumroll please)… A COLORDRUNK TEXTILE LINE!

On December 26th we officially launched Tipsi on Instagram and the response has been so incredible 💕 We are feeling the love and can't wait to share even more fabric & wallpaper collections with you in 2023. If you missed the social media launch, keep reading for a few highlights and of course visit to check out the full line!

Tip #1 | Main Spirit

The Brand.

Colordrunk has been serving up masterful mixes of pattern and color in homes and boutique commercial spaces since 2013. Tipsi is a natural extension of the Colordrunk aesthetic. An ode to the playful side of life. Tipsi is classic design in a vibrant color palette with a modern sensibility. Your grandmother's drapes dipped in chartreuse & hot pink.

Tip #2 | Mixers

The Collection: Lady V.

Jenna's first collection is an homage to the home of her grandparents, Thomas and "Lady" Violet Buck. Yes, she insisted on being addressed as "Lady Violet". No, she was not royalty (well, not officially at least). Thomas and Lady Violet traveled Asia and Europe extensively in the golden age of travel and their home was full of classic chinoiserie, rich textiles and timeless geometric motifs.

Tip #3 | Garnish

The Patterns: The bold and the colorful.

The prints in this collection boast colorful botanicals, bold patterns, and geometric prints that encapsulate the Tipsi spirit— a nod to the past in a palette that's bold, fresh, & versatile. Fun fact: Jenna designed and drew all of the patterns herself!

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